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In the ground HUMILIATED!
Baroness Rubina has her cleansing slave Nelly come for the second time. Nelly is completely confused and frightened by her first assignment with the mistress. She dares not say anything and contradict. Totally intimidated, she crouches on the ground and follows all the orders of the sadistic capricious baroness. The arrogant Lady Rubina s her to a full bottle of natursekt with all his might. Nelly tries to covet against it. But the dominant Mistress immediately beats her, spits on her and insults her in the most vulgar words. She urges her to the bottle with natursekt. Deeply disgusted, Nelly s from the bottle. However, she has to v o m i t again and again almost always, from delirium. But that pleases the Naturesadistic only more! But the next humiliation follows immediately:
Baroness Rubina gives her food to Nelly: pieces of bread, inserted in natursekt
Not only does Nelly have to the bottle of yellow nectar, but she also has to eat the pinkel soup at the same time. And until the last bite!
Under constant slaps, kicks and the most vocal verbal humiliations, Nelly has to cry over everything. Yeah right. Nelly eventually bursts into tears because she is so abysmally humbled in the ground. But the loud sobbing and wailing irritates the cruel Baroness even more. She f o r c e s Nelly to still present in the whole mess on the floor with a dildo in the mouth slutty. Nelly is really a miserable misery! To not surpass humbleness!

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Humiliation 174

  • Product Code: Humiliation 174
Length: Minute
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